How Stable Are Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant Supported Dentures Torrance, CA

Implant supported dentures provide more stability than their traditional counterparts. They are virtually as stable as real teeth because they are attached to implants that have fused with the patient's jawbone. The result is a more comfortable denture set and preserved jawbone tissue.

Comparing the stability of implant supported dentures to traditional dentures

Traditional dentures are the most economical restoration when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Those who are only missing a few teeth can get partial dentures, while full dentures sets are appropriate for those who have lost all their teeth.

Unfortunately, dentures are known for their poor stability. These oral prosthetics are held in place by suction forces. This can lead to the appliance shifting when worn, the formation of sores on the soft tissues in the mouth, and the wearer having to worry about their denture falling out.

Some people use dental adhesives to improve the stability of traditional dentures, but these can have a bad taste. They also are not that effective and barely improve stability.

Implant supported dentures do not come with any of these problems. The patient gets four to six implants on each half of their jaw and dentures are attached to the implants. The dentures can be removable dentures that the patient takes out and cleans each night or permanently fixed special dentures.

The implants used for implant dentures are given up to six months to bond with bone tissues around them. The process is called osseointegration, and by the time it is over, the implants have become one with the patient's jaw. These implants will keep the jawbone stimulated when the person bites down on something, which prevents atrophy. This is the breakdown of bone tissue that usually occurs when teeth fall out. It can lead to the formation of wrinkles on the face and a sunken look.

Reasons to choose implant supported dentures 

The patient gets to enjoy a wider range of foods. Traditional dentures limit what a person can eat. For example, people who wear dentures tend to avoid sticky foods because these can pull out their dentures.

Implants-supported dentures feel more natural in the mouth. The oral prosthetic is anchored down to implants the same way that real teeth are anchored down to their roots.

Implant supported dentures lead to less irritation in the mouth. The device is not constantly rubbing against soft tissues in the mouth, leading to sores.

Implant supported dentures prevent jawbone atrophy. The wearer's jaw is stimulated whenever they bite down on something.

Explore a better alternative

Implant supported dentures give you a better experience than traditional dentures. They come with significantly improved stability, help keep your jawbone healthy and can preserve your facial features. Call or visit our Torrance clinic to learn more about implant supported dentures and if they are the right solution for your missing teeth.

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