Questions an Emergency Dentist May Ask You

Posted on: February 16, 2019

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and they can be frightening to anyone who is experiencing one, but a visit to an emergency dentist can remedy the situation. If one experiences an injury to the face or mouth or if there is severe pain in one or more teeth, call an emergency dentist.

Knowing what to expect during a visit with an emergency dentist can be helpful to anyone who is fearing seeing one. Although most people know that it is important to see an emergency dentist, they may not always be keen on the idea because of fear or anxiety.

Today, we will go over a few questions that an emergency dentist may ask someone if they are being seen for an emergent situation. It is good to know what these are so that a person can prepare themselves come time to talk with the emergency dentist.

Questions you can expect from an emergency dentist

While every emergency dentist is different, they all will inquire about the same things because their main goal is to find the source of the problem and treat the person of their pain or oral problem.

Where is the source of your pain?

Emergency dentists will want to know where a person’s pain is in order to help relieve them of their pain. Knowing what the source of the pain is might also help the emergency dentist find a solution to the person’s injury or emergency.

Rate your pain from 1-10.

An emergency dentist will want to know how bad one’s pain is. They may usually ask what the level of pain is so that they can better treat the person. While the dentist may not be able to completely treat the pain, they may be able to subside some of it so if they know what the exact level is then they are more likely to be able to help.

Was your reason for visiting caused by an injury?

When a person experiences a dental emergency, it is often onset by an injury from a sports matter or from rough play. However, there are also emergent situations in which a person is experiencing pain or discomfort within their mouth. The emergency dentist will likely want to know if the reason for coming in was due to an injury or not.

Does any other part of your face hurt?

Often when people have a dental emergency they also have pain elsewhere — sometimes they have headaches, jaw pain or back pain. Because the mouth is connected to the head, jaw and back, it is likely that pain will be felt in those areas too.

The emergency dentist will likely ask about other areas of pain to better help treat the patient and their emergent issue.


Knowing what questions an emergency dentist may ask can be helpful so that people can prepare themselves before going in to see the dentist. Dental emergencies can be scary and a visit to the emergency dentist can help someone with their emergent dental situation.

If you have questions about emergency dentists, what they do or what they may ask you when you visit then reach out to our office today. We have trained professionals who can help answer any questions or concerns that you might have. Give us a call or stop in today!

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